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New IP

[Owner] Gravy a posted Feb 23, 17

New Server IP

Pixelmon will be on
Skyblock will be on

Pixelmon Red Update

[Owner] Gravy a posted Feb 17, 17

Hoenn League is now available on Pixelmon Red

10% off Coupon Code "Hoenn" available till 2.28.2017

Hoenn Discussion Thread

Christmas Update

[Owner] Gravy a posted Dec 21, 16

Christmas Event

40% off Sale on the donation store

During Christmas Weekend December 23-25

I will be giving out Keys and Crates at Random Times

Make sure your online!

Christmas Crates

The new holiday crates are now available in the donation Shop

Each crate contains 9 rewards and 1 Final extra reward

This crate will only be available for the month of December

DylanB0303 tag How come i got banned for no reason i would like to know
TwoExtraLifes tag Why is factions down
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